Djenabou Diallo

Djenabou was born and raised in Guinea, West Africa. Her interest in financial planning started after realizing that most African Immigrants invest in their native country, but not in the country where they currently reside. She realized that the reason behind this is lack of financial literacy and access to information.

Djenabou sees an opportunity with younger generations who want to build generational wealth. She believes the best way to teach others is by learning first. When presented with the opportunity to join BRF, she did not hesitate.

Djenabou received her BS and MS in Accounting from Suffolk University in Boston Massachusetts.

Prior to joining BRF in 2022, Djenabou worked as a Global Mobility Tax Associate at KPMG, where she prepared and reviewed federal and state tax returns, tax equalization calculations for expatriate employees.

Djenabou is a proud mother of two girls and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.