How We Do It

for You

We carry out our practice with great integrity and provide service in our clients’ best interest—free from external pressures, bias, or typical conflicts of interest.

Our Philosophy

Serving every client properly takes a joint
intellectual effort.

Whether we are working together across
teams or connecting with external experts,
we always strive to exchange ideas and
source new perspectives to ensure our
clients are benefitting from best practices.

We get things done

We play a central role in implementing our clients’ investment and financial plans. We simplify our clients’ financial lives and provide cost-effective solutions.

We enable clients to have information and insight to understand the larger context and to make effective decisions for themselves within that context. We help our clients think through all issues, no matter how complex. We tailor our materials as appropriate to client learning styles.

We make recommendations, guide decision-making, and counsel execution. Our clients retain decision-making authority. We are objective and intentional in our advice.

Clients have individualized risk-management constraints around volatility, liquidity, and risk-segregation. Within client-specific constraints, our customized portfolios are designed to consider and mitigate risk.

We engage with our clients’ advisors such as attorneys and tax advisors to assist with the implementation of strategies on a wide range of planning issues including minimizing income taxes; maximizing wealth transfer; assisting with estate administration; evaluating and refreshing personal and business insurance matters; and managing cash flow and debt.

We provide clients with extensive, tailored reports to lend clarity to their financial positions. We monitor and report on projects relevant to the client’s objectives over time. We track portfolio changes and the impact of market changes. We endeavor to provide full transparency on fees and transaction costs across the portfolio.

We draw from the vast expertise and extensive knowledge of our team members by cross collaborating ideas and information through structured committees. Our committees cover public markets, private equity, real estate, and impact investing; financial planning, investment strategy and knowledge management; risk management and corporate administration.