Trusted Primary Advisor

We advise clients on the many aspects of their lives that have financial implications.  Our advice and services are highly customized for each client’s particular objectives and circumstances.  We get things done–by overseeing both strategy and detailed implementation.  Our objectivity, expertise, comprehensiveness, and close working relationships engender substantial client trust.

Sophisticated Investment Advice

We adhere to highly-developed investment principles and processes. We describe our investment philosophy and research as well as our customized implementation in detail on separate pages.

Integrated, Comprehensive Planning

We follow a structured process that comprehensively addresses issues relating to our clients’ financial affairs, including:

  • Clarification and prioritization of objectives
  • Investment strategy, asset allocation, and manager selection
  • Income and estate taxes
  • Wealth transfer and estate planning
  • Cash flow, liquidity, and debt management
  • Charitable activities and philanthropy
  • Foundation and endowment management
  • Property, casualty, life, and long-term care insurance
  • Executive compensation and benefits
  • Life transitions including marriage, children, divorce, job changes, retirement, illness, and death
  • Major purchases such as homes, art, watercraft, or aircraft
  • Financial education of clients and family members
  • Psychological and relationship issues related to family wealth

Coordination of Other Providers

We simplify our clients’ lives. Our broad understanding of clients’ circumstances puts us in a natural position to anticipate needs, not just react. We cost-effectively coordinate and collaborate with other experts, and we introduce new specialists where appropriate. Working with other experts allows us to stay on top of new developments and to share best-practices knowledge across our client base. We are very sensitive to pre-existing relationships and to the importance of specialized expertise.

We answer or help find answers to our clients’ questions.