We get things done. We play a central role in implementing our clients’ investment and financial plans. We simplify our clients’ financial lives and ensure cost-effective solutions. We apply our professionals’ extensive experience and judgment to all recommendations.

Client Education

We enable clients to have the information and insight to understand the larger context and to make good decisions within that context. We do our best to explain and to help clients think through all issues, no matter how complex. We tailor our materials as appropriate to client learning styles.

Non-Discretionary Advice

We make recommendations, guide decision-making and quarterback execution. Our clients retain decision-making authority.

Customization of Portfolios and Entity Structures

We construct investment portfolios to meet client objectives. Clients often have different risk-management constraints around volatility, liquidity, and risk-segregation. Within client-specific constraints, our customized portfolios are meticulously designed to consider and mitigate the impact of taxes, inflation, and fees. We also pay careful attention to clients’ wealth transfer and philanthropic objectives, tax situation, entity structures, and other circumstances.

Client-Specific Investment Projects

We help clients with non-standard investment-related projects, including: evaluating client-sourced investment opportunities; reducing single-security concentration; managing competitive bid processes for transactions; assisting with buying or selling a business; managing stock options exposure and trading strategies; facilitating major purchases such as homes, art, watercraft or aircraft; and effecting positive social change through socially-responsible and impact investing.

Client-Specific Planning Projects

Working with non-BRF client advisors such as attorneys and tax advisors, we often quarterback the implementation of clients’ strategies on a wide range of planning issues, including: minimizing income taxes; maximizing wealth transfer efficiencies using a wide range of techniques; assisting with estate administration; coordinating grant-making and other philanthropic activities; evaluating and fixing property, casualty, life, and long-term care insurance policies; managing cash flow, liquidity, and debt.

Tailored Reporting

We provide clients with extensive, tailored reports to evaluate investment performance and understand their financial position. We monitor and report on projects relevant to the client’s objectives at any given time. We track portfolio changes, taxable gains and losses, capital calls and distributions, options exercises and hedging transactions. We endeavor to provide full transparency on fees and transaction costs across the portfolio.